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Visceral Manipulation in Orange County

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Visceral Manipulation in Orange County (organ-specific myofascial mobilization), supports a vibrant organ system. This in turn has a positive effect on the entire body. We use Visceral Manipulation to release restrictions in organs. The restrictions can originate from trauma, illness, surgery, poor diet or emotional stress.

Successful treatment can improve digestion, reduce soft tissue pain, enhance movement, and improve health.  Visceral Manipulation is an excellent treatment for the effects of SIBO.

Visceral Manipulation in Orange County

What is Visceral Manipulation in Orange County?

Visceral manipulation is a skilled manual therapy. It focuses on gentle mobilization of internal organs and their fascial connections. It promotes synchronized movement between the organs and related structures. This helps to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations causing body pain and dysfunction.

“Viscera” refers to internal organs, such as but not limited to the liver, kidneys, bladder, heart, lungs and intestines. These organs have a natural innate rhythm and motion and should move in harmony with each other. Often times they don’t move in harmony.

When organs are out-of-sync with each other symptoms arise. This also affects the surrounding structures. These are boney and soft tissue structures that connect to the organ through fascia. This can lead to pain in other areas of the body far from where the organ lies. Using visceral manipulation, our physical therapists can improve the function of the viscera. As well, they can improve the surrounding connective tissue and function of the body.

This results in decreased pain and promotes the body’s natural healing restoration.

How Do Organs Contribute to Pain and Dysfunction?

Interrelated bones, muscles, nerves, and connective tissue called fascia form your body. The internal organs referred to as viscera is part of our complex body. Your organs are in perpetual motion. When you breathe, walk and stretch, your organs move in your chest and abdomen.

For example, when you take a breath, your kidneys move one inch; and with deep inhalation, they move 4 inches. In a day, they move a little over 1/2 mile. That’s about 19,000 miles a lifetime!

The movement of organs transmits through fascia to other structures of the body. When you are healthy, all structures move with an interconnected fluidity. This movement is important as it influences processes in the body. These can be the tiniest cellular pulsations to contractions of the heart and blood flow. Great health relies on harmony between motions of the organs and other structures.

There are many reasons for an organ to lose its mobility. This might include:

  • Physical traumas
  • Effects of SIBO
  • Surgeries
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Infections
  • Pollution
  • Poor diet
  • Poor posture
  • Pregnancy and delivery

Systems Impacted by Organ Problems?

When an organ is no longer mobile but stuck, the body compensates for the pattern with a negative one. This disharmony creates fixed, abnormal points of tension. This chronic irritation gives way to dysfunctional and structural problems in areas in these other systems:

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Vascular
  • Nervous
  • Urinary
  • Respiratory
  • Lymphatic
  • Digestive

Imagine scar tissue around the lungs. Because of the pull of the adhesion, with every breath, the movement of structures change. This could shift rib motion creating pulls on the spine. These restrictions might then show up as mid-back and neck pain, as well as limited motion in the shoulder. This scenario highlights one of a hundred possible effects of a small viscera issue. Magnify this by thousands of repetitions each day. This also explains how pain can often be far removed from the actual cause.

Stress Effects on Organ Function!

Stress does impact the function of the body. Emotional Reactions can translate into many symptoms. To name a few:

  • Gall bladder pain
  • Stomach pain
  • Heartburn
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting
  • Ulcers

Stress and Anxiety creates tension in an organ. Then the organ sends information of this tension back to the brain, resulting in a vicious cycle. Visceral Manipulation dissipates the negative effects of stress. It breaks this cycle, enhances the health of the organ, and restores emotional balance.

What Does Visceral Manipulation in Orange County Feel Like?

Physical Therapists use gentle, hands-on skill and experience to deliver the Visceral Manipulation Therapy. The treatment is a gentle compression, mobilization and elongation of the soft tissue. With the source of the problem released, the symptoms will start to decrease.

This Physical Therapy treatment can relieve many chronic symptoms associated with many Conditions.

How did Visceral Manipulation Begin?

Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral became interested in biomechanics while working as a physical therapist. He met Dr. Arnaud, a recognized specialist in lung diseases and a master of cadaver dissection. Working with Dr. Arnaud, Dr. Barral followed patterns of stress in the tissues of cadavers. He also studied biomechanics in living subjects.  This experience introduced him to the visceral system. He discovered its potential to promote lines of tension within the body. There was also the notion that tissues have memory.  All this was fundamental to his development of Visceral Manipulation.

In 1974, Dr. Barral graduated in osteopathic medicine from the European School of Osteopathy.  Dr. Barral taught spinal biomechanics at the European School of Osteopathy after graduating. With Dr. Jean-Paul Mathieu and Dr. Pierre Mercier, he published Articular Vertebrae Diagnosis. With Dr. Serge Cohen, a radiologist, Dr. Barral reported viscera changes. Reporting images taken before and after treatment was a component of their research.  They used x-ray fluoroscopy and ultrasound to record changes in position and motion. As well, they recorded fluid exchange and evacuation. Later they conducted more research using infrared emissions from the body.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral began teaching Visceral Manipulation in the United States in 1985.  He has authored many textbooks for professionals as well as a book for the general public.

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Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT and Focus On Health, have studied with Dr. Barral for Decades.  Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT and staff are leaders in Visceral Manipulation in Orange County. Our patients come from Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Counties.

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