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Experience Best Physical Therapists in Orange County - Focus On Health

Integrative Physical Therapy Specialists

Experience the Best Physical Therapists in Orange County

Our professional team brings nearly 80 years of combined experience in physical therapy. Experience the best physical therapists in Orange County. Each team member uses the most advanced treatment to deliver the highest quality of care. No doubt we get Great Results!

Best Physical Therapists in Orange County - Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT, GCFP, CMT owner of Focus On Health in Newport Beach

Kim Lawler-Coyle,
License #10755

Treating Difficult Conditions with Experts at Focus On Health makes all the Difference. We're used to Getting Great Results. Call Today!

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Clinic Owner

Focus On Health’s owner Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT, GCFP, CMT has treated patients for nearly 42 years. She’s a leader in Integrative and Specialized Physical Therapy. Kim provides a beneficial blend of clinical knowledge matched with years of experience. Kim’s understanding of the human condition and her heightened intuition make her special. Her unique method provides comfort to her patients. But, even more, important she provides patients with Great Results. Kim’s goal is to discover the source of your Health Issue and set up a treatment plan to resolve it.

Just a Few Accomplishments of Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT, One of the Best Physical Therapists in Orange County

  • Licensed Physical Therapist since January 1982
  • Specialization in TMJ Therapy from 1984 to present
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Loma Linda University, 1981
  • Member, American Physical Therapy Association, 1981 to present
  • Member, Association for Treatment and Training in Attachment of Children, 2003 to present
  • Instructor and Faculty Member at USC Dental School, TMJ Department under the direction of Terry Tanaka, DDS, 1991 to 1996
  • Instructor – Soft-Tissue Techniques, Physical Therapy Master’s Program, Loma Linda University, 1993 to 1997
  • Guest Lecturer at various Colleges. This includes USC, Loma Linda, Cal State Long Beach, and Chapman. Kim has lectured for the Upledger Institute and Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy.
  • Since 1986, Kim studied with John Upledger, DO, developer of CranioSacral Therapy. Dr. Upledger passed in October 2012.
  • Teaching Assistant for the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. Kim has supported the teaching from Upledger, Barral, and Chikly courses. Kim has provided Decades of Teaching for others with these organizations.
  • Since 1986, Kim has studied with John Barnes, PT, developer of Myofascial Release
  • Senior Instructor, John Barnes’ Myofascial Release Seminars
  • Since 1989, Kim has studied with Jean Pierre Barral, DO, PT. Dr. Barral is the developer of Visceral Manipulation and other Methods.
  • She completed her Doctorate Degree in 2013. She has worked hard to educate herself and apply her knowledge to benefit patients and staff.
  • Kim continues to study, assist, and teach. She is generous in sharing her knowledge with our staff, patients, and her profession.
  • Kim is near completion of her “Long-Awaited Book” planned for release in 2024 with her Publisher. The book will help both Therapists and Patients to improve their quality of life. The Publisher cannot wait to share it with the public. That said, her Publisher believes it’s going to be a Best Seller in the Nation.

The Best Therapists in Orange County

Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT

Michelle Scotto, CMT

Jung Han, CMT

Our Team of the Best Therapists in Orange County

We rely on our specialized and skilled team to help provide our healing treatment. Our friendly staff uses advanced training from a variety of disciplines to help you heal. They’ll listen to your needs and concerns and will create a custom treatment plan that’s right for you. And, if needed, they’ll work in conjunction with your other professionals. We work with Naturopathic Doctors, Physicians, Dentists, Psychologists, Acupuncturists, and other health professionals. With that, we can create the most comprehensive and effective plan for you to recover. Experience the best physical therapists in Orange County, you’ll be glad you did.

Stronger than I’ve Ever Been!

Able to Walk with Ease and Enjoy Hiking!

No longer Falling because of Leg and Hip Weakness!

No more Daily Constipation!

I can successfully walk up and down the stairs at my home!

Feeling Better for the First Time in 20 Years!

BEST Myofascial Release Therapists in the Country!

Big Difference in the Quality of my Life because of this Clinic!

So Many Positive Changes in my Health I can’t Count!

Remarkable Progress with Integrative Physical Therapy for all Post-Op Surgeries!

Won’t Send my Patients to any other clinic. They are the Best!

There is expert help and real hope at Focus On Health for complex conditions. I’m Living Proof!

After badly Breaking my back, they got me surfing and skateboarding Again!

I had a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Don’t know where I would be today if not for Kim and her staff!

I successfully delivered 3 children because of the work Focus On Health did with me on my injured pelvis!

I never knew that my TMJ Condition could be Treated. It was treated at Focus On Health and I have no Pain Today!

When it comes to Integrative Physical Therapy, they get the Best Results!

My Child had Sever’s Disease. Focus On Health guided us and my child is doing great Today!

I Was Able to Prevent a Bladder Surgery because of Expert Treatment!

After Years of Illness, I was able to go back to Work!

After a Botched Surgery, Kim has helped me to live as normally as possible!

I never knew the Scar Adhesion across by stomach was causing me pain in my shoulders and back. They corrected that mess!

SIBO Treatment with my Naturopathic Doctor and Focus On Health got me Great Results!

Sitting at my computer and driving was a big problem. Now I can do these tasks with Ease!


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