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Welcome to Focus On Health A Physical Therapy Corporation. We have a reputation in Orange County as a long-time leader in Physical Therapy. Our patients tell us that we have the Best Physical Therapy and Integrative Treatment in Orange County.

We’re a step above the rest with our advanced skills and our caring focus on:

“Integrative Care and Specialized Physical Therapy to resolve the Most Difficult Patient Cases!”

After more than 35 years of serving the community, we’re one of the most established Physical Therapy clinics in Orange County.

We are here to meet your special needs. We go above and beyond by focusing on the Quality of your Care using more Advanced forms of Treatment!


How we keep Staff and Patients Safe from COVID

Masking is required by all our staff and our patients and continues to be a priority because of the diverse patient population we treat.

Stronger than I’ve Ever Been!

Able to Walk with Ease and Enjoy Hiking!

No longer Falling because of Leg and Hip Weakness!

No more Daily Constipation!

I can successfully walk up and down the stairs at my home!

Feeling Better for the First Time in 20 Years!

BEST Myofascial Release Therapists in the Country!

Big Difference in the Quality of my Life because of this Clinic!

So Many Positive Changes in my Health I can’t Count!

Remarkable Progress with Integrative Physical Therapy for all Post-Op Surgeries!

Won’t Send my Patients to any other clinic. They are the Best!

There is expert help and real hope at Focus On Health for complex conditions. I’m Living Proof!

After badly Breaking my back, they got me surfing and skateboarding Again!

I had a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Don’t know where I would be today if not for Kim and her staff!

I successfully delivered 3 children because of the work Focus On Health did with me on my injured pelvis!

I never knew that my TMJ Condition could be Treated. It was treated at Focus On Health and I have no Pain Today!

When it comes to Integrative Physical Therapy, they get the Best Results!

My Child had Sever’s Disease. Focus On Health guided us and my child is doing great Today!

I Was Able to Prevent a Bladder Surgery because of Expert Treatment!

After Years of Illness, I was able to go back to Work!

After a Botched Surgery, Kim has helped me to live as normally as possible!

I never knew the Scar Adhesion across by stomach was causing me pain in my shoulders and back. They corrected that mess!

SIBO Treatment with my Naturopathic Doctor and Focus On Health got me Great Results!

Sitting at my computer and driving was a big problem. Now I can do these tasks with Ease!



Ask Yourself:

  • Are You in Pain?
  • Do You Feel Unhealthy?
  • Are You Feeling Helpless?
  • Have You Lost Physical Function?
  • Tired of Searching for Help?

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  • The Most Advanced Treatment Methods for Orange County are a moment's away. Next, learn more about our innovative treatment.
  • The Best Physical Therapy and Integrative Treatment in Orange County is a phone call away.        Contact Us!

See what our patients are saying on YELP and GOOGLE and how their lives have changed with the support of our Team. It's the Best Physical Therapy and Integrative Treatment in Orange County.

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