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Professional Testimonials

“Focus On Health provides generously LONG treatment times each visit (longer than most all other clinics) to allow for a patient to heal. YOU can heal if given the time you deserve, coupled with the application of specialized and integrated physical therapy treatment. No doubt, Focus On Health gets GREAT RESULTS!”

“Kim is a therapist of great integrity, professionalism, and is highly skilled in the Myofascial Release Approach. Her proprioceptive awareness and her hands-on ability clearly make her one of the elite Myofascial Release Therapists in the United States.”

John F. Barnes, PT
Myofascial Release Treatment Centers and Seminars

 “I have known Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT for Decades. I’m the CEO of the Upledger Institute and have had the opportunity to get to know Kim along our long journey. She has always endeavored to achieve the highest level of treatment skill in whatever treatment approach that she has employed, which there are many. She always has great input for the Upledger Institute and IAHE. She has been very generous with her time and is a wonderful mentor for many of the students who have gone through our classes. Kim is just one of those professionals you just cannot forget, because she is kind, intelligent and desires the best for the students she teaches and the clients she treats.  She also desires the best for all her staff of Clinicians, and has ensured that they have received many of our courses offered through the IAHE as well as her personal Mentorship.  Kim was very kind to take time out of her busy schedule to treat my father in the later stages of his life, when she would visit Palm Beach, Florida. I can tell you, my father sure knew that she had a Gift and so do I. So if you’re wondering if Kim and her Team can help You with your Health Condition, please don’t hesitate to call her clinic,  as she and her staff will make a Big Difference in the quality of your Life!”

John Matthew Upledger, CEO Upledger Institute


“In the 1980’s, Kim started training with me when I was first developing the Visceral Manipulation courses in the United States through IAHE and the Upledger Institute.  We have all come a long way since those days.  Kim has been passionate about all types of Manual Therapy and with that passion it has driven her to learn as much as possible over all these years of being a Physical Therapist. Myself and all my colleagues have a lot of respect and appreciation for Kim’s skills and knowledge which she has brought to our courses over these many years, particularly with helping students in the courses to learn this work. She is a wonderful person and I consider her a friend. She is a well respected Doctor of Physical Therapy and I would not hesitate to seek her help along with her staff at Focus On Health.”

Jean-Pierre Barral, DO – Developer of Visceral Manipulation

“Your understanding of how physical disorders affect the dental patient is only exceeded by your ability to manage them. You have been a great help to our patients.”

Terry Tanaka, DDS Chula Vista

“My patient’s have made remarkable progress with physical therapy under Kim’s direction. I believe they make great progress because of the myriad of Hands-On treatment techniques they use, which are not commonly available by other Physical Therapists.  Focus On Health has made a big difference in the lives of my patients.”

Steven C. Dennis, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Disorders & Surgery of the Spine

“Kim and her clinic, Focus On Health, have provided the finest of Oral Physical Therapy Care over so many Decades I cannot count them.  Kim and her clinic will not let you down with the Results that she achieves with her integrative forms of care.  I wanted to make sure that the community knows how Great she and her team are.  Often times, I would have a surgery take place just before Christmas or Thanksgiving and Kim would find a way to help that person, even when it impacted her vacation time. She is a genuine and caring professional that I have loved the opportunity to have worked with all these Years.”


Ronald Kaminishi, DDS, Oral Surgeon

“You have taken Care of my Patients for over 3 Decades with the best of Physical Therapy care and techniques, far exceeding the care provided by other clinicians. You have always given 110%, never failing to get a Great Result. As a TMJ Dental Professional, I just wouldn’t entrust my patients to anyone else because Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT and her staff at Focus On Health are simply the best referral, with my Decades of experience in the industry.”

Takeo Yamamoto, DDS (TMJ Specialist)  Newport Beach

Patient Testimonials

“Four years ago my world suddenly spun out of orbit. I was 15 pounds underweight, unable to eat, function or cope. I spent most of my time in bed, exhausted, depressed, in a daze and very fearful, crying and screaming in pain and hoping I’d fall asleep and never wake up. The burning pain in my face, head and mouth was excruciating, and my entire body felt twisted, and tight, tight, tight, like being bound through and through by a hundred bungee cords, pulling my body in different directions. After suffering like this for a year and a half, I finally found my way to the team at Focus On Health. Everything began to change for the better. Hope was reborn.

This gifted team has saved me from perishing in the valley of despair, and have given me tools for helping myself. I am now a joyful woman, functioning well as I continue my healing process. My help has come exclusively from the Focus On Health professionals, and I have been able to add to their success through the self-help strategies I have gleaned on my own.
Focus On Health has touched me with compassion, inspiration, healing, and enlightenment. Now at 53, I am able to embark on pursuing my dream to become a therapist myself so that I can help others too. Who would have thought? I could have never come this far without my friends at Focus On Health standing beside me, and behind me nudging me gently forward to my goals.The ground I’ve gained is remarkable, but it has not ‘just happened’ overnight. True healing is a slow process, and it begins inside. It takes willingness to learn and change, tenacity, trust, patience—and time, especially when you have a complex condition like mine. In retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing. The journey has been extremely painful, yes, but also one of my life’s most rewarding growth experiences, thanks to my friends at Focus On Health. My struggle has not been in vain: ‘There is nothing the body suffers that the soul may not profit by.’ I know this is true.

If someone you know is in dysfunction or pain —maybe it’s you—and you are about to give up, please don’t. There is hope and real help. And help is spelled ‘Focus On Health’.”

Karen G, Laguna Niguel


“The people at Focus On Health are what makes the difference. They have all of the elements that are missing from most healthcare practices today. They don’t treat you like a number or just a bill. You’re treated like a human being that needs attentive, thorough and compassionate care. I’d give them my highest recommendation.”

Stephanie P., Irvine

“I would like to thank each one of you at Focus On Health for helping me through this ordeal which I experienced these past few months. Your group here is a special one. Your help and consideration were genuine. Thank you for all the differences you made in my life and God bless.”

Stephanie D., Tustin

“They take the time to properly assess your problem and work with you to develop the best plan to help you recover quickly and safely.”

Linda B.. , Corona Del Mar

“The staff at Focus On Health have been so helpful. They are compassionate, extremely skilled and are the only ones who have truly understood my health challenges. Their integrative approach has made all the difference.”

Stephanie L., Costa Mesa

“After 2.5 years of dealing with medical ‘experts’ who address and identify my daughter as a collection of symptoms, we have found renewed hope working with the staff at Focus On Health. My daughter is recognized and treated as a whole, complex person.”

Patricia W., Mission Viejo

“I came to Focus On Health with very little hope and a timeline in place for a ‘legal suicide’. My pain level was so high in my surgical site that it was all I could see or feel and it controlled my life. The staff at Focus On Health looked beyond my post-op issues and took on my 34 years of degenerative rheumatoid arthritis as well as all my other health issues. Subsequently my timeline came around in three months (on my birthday) and I celebrated that day instead of dying from chronic pain and disability. I now sleep at night, eat several meals a day, have regained my hearing, balance and began small tasks again, including gardening. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Focus On Health.”

Cindy R., Newport Beach

“The treatment and emotional support that Focus On Health provides is like nothing else I have experienced. Each person that I work with is an exceptionally knowledgeable, caring, with the ability to motivate and provide results. When I began at Focus On Health, I relied on heavy pain medication. Now I’m off all my pain medications and each week I feel better and stronger. I sincerely can’t say enough about Focus On Health and recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.”

Linda C., Huntington Beach

“This is the only treatment center that has helped me to function at home and work. The treatment is so gentle compared to other physical therapy practices. Your personnel are wonderful and caring.”

Lindsay V., Los Angeles

“Focus On Health has been a wonderful alternative to taking more and more medication, and having a life full of pain. When I walked into Focus On Health I could hardly walk, my days in bed and incapacitated were regular. Today, my days are full, my chronic pain is low to nothing. They help me through ‘flare ups’ and their tenderness and caring is very obvious.”

Rebecca M., San Diego

“I found all the staff to be warm, open-hearted, who lift one’s spirits with hope and kindness. The gentle and skilled hands of the therapists were successful in helping me either eliminate or reduce my suffering drastically in all my symptom areas. Now I look forward to leading a pain-free life and one filled with dreams for a promising future.”

Lorraine R., New York

“To My Physical Therapy Team at Focus On Health. Thank you so much for your extra-ordinary healing skills, for your patience and kindness in working with all of my “constraints” and for providing me a holistic, integrative therapy regimen like no other. I know all your staff gave 110% on each visit and I always left feeling energized and better and better each time. An additional benefit was I felt “younger” so, who could beat that. Thank You Kim and Jeff for building such a wonderful clinic in which I had the opportunity to attend and heal. Amy you have been a bright light to be greeted by each visit and your organizational skills have been like no other clinic that I have experienced. I’m so glad that I chose Focus On Health A Physical Therapy Corporation to heal from my condition(s). I have enjoyed my time with you all, and again, thank you all for being dedicated and exceptional professional healers. May God hold you all in the palm of His Hand until we meet again.”

God Bless John G…., Mission Viejo

“You have all been such special people in my “search for health.” Since I graduated from Physical Therapy, I think of you everyday Kim when I’m doing my neck stretches and think about how grateful I am for having known you all and experienced your healing hands. Thank you for all you continue to do for the world for so many people that need your help.”

Annette N…, Fullerton

“Thank you for being so wonderful and providing my entire family with awesome support for all their health conditions.”

Vicki and Family, Newport Beach

“Thank You Kim for taking such great care of Mike and myself and allowing us to maintain our health so we can enjoy all the things that life has to offer. Focus On Health has been a key part of our health care regime to ensure we are on the right track.”

Kathy and Mike, Fountain Valley

“Thank You Kim for all you did for my Mother through the Years. I know she was grateful and you made her life better with your awesome healing skills. You meant a lot to her and it was present when she passed on at the end of her life.”

Chris W., Laguna Beach

“I can’t begin to Thank You enough for all you’ve done. Through you professional skills, compassion and love – you gave me my life back!! You gave my husband a wife and my kids the Mom they used to know. Thank You doesn’t seem adequate!! My feelings of Gratitude run so deep, I can only hope and pray I can go on my journey to help other people (even a little) while maintaining the peace that you have imparted to me through the professionalism of all your staff. There are big changes to come in my future and you have given me the strength, heart and mind to go forward (Lyme Disease Suffer).”

Christine A. – Out-State- Patient

“I really appreciate all your expertise, intuition, time and caring for my TMJ Condition. You have worked so very hard to make me feel like a whole person again. My pain is much relieved physically and I feel so much better emotionally without all the physical burden which you have been a big part in helping me achieve my goal.”

Joan D., Laguna Beach

“Mountains of thanks to you all for your thoughtful efforts to assist me down the road of my rehabilitation. You all are a credit to your profession and are a bright, happy place in a patient’s day.”

Cindy B., Los Angeles

“As I remained open and receptive to new forms of healing, God led me your door step at your clinic. In what I thought would once be my tombstone, these miraculous experiences have become my stepping stones. Angels come in many forms and your staff are just that. I’m grateful for all the kindness, grace and the professional treatment that you have provided me along my journey.”

Ronnie, Huntington Beach

“Your staff dedication and caring ways go way beyond a treatment plan. You all have been ongoing advocates and have brought me feelings of encouragement in a tough time. Thank You for all you do.”

Affectionately Suzanna, Westwood

“Words cannot express the love and gratitude I feel for the blessing you have given me Kim of better Health.”

Melinda P., Newport Beach

“I cannot say enough about how thankful I have been to be treated in such a professional clinic that provides integrative care that exceeds what I would have ever expected over the last number of years of my illness.”

Debbie G., Irvine

“It’s been a really tough process for me going through my jaw problems but you have helped me immeasurably. I have improved so much and the quality of my life is so much better because of your professional skills, patience and good advice. I feel like a new person thanks to all the staff.”

Christina, Lake Forest

“Thanks to All of You for the wonderful things you have done for me. You have given me hope to bicycle the Alps in Europe again someday.”

Gunther, Costa Mesa

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Thanks for creating a clinic space that allowed me to open myself up and retrieve a bit of myself placing it within my heart space.”

Bryan H., Santa Ana

“Kim I see you and all the beautiful, kind faces in my mind throughout my day as I continue to move forward independently. I just wanted you to know of all the care I have received through the years (Doctors included) you and your staff have helped me the most.”

Dianna C., Yorba Linda

“My life has taken some turns I hadn’t imagined and I’ve traveled places I didn’t expect. I’m very glad my path led me to the doors of Focus On Health. When I felt miserable, I didn’t know so many beautiful people would come into my life. You all brought facets of light to gloomy places. Thanks for helping me shine inside and out. Your kind heart, encouragement and firm but gentle nudge and your professional hands-on treatment were just the gifts I needed.”

Jan K., Irvine

“Thank you so much for your loving, nurturing way that your clinic helps a patient to heal. I’m getting myself back to feeling the essence of who I once was some time ago.”

Yolanda, Costa Mesa

“Thank you for all you’ve done for me, and return my family to health….. the list would go on & on. I thank you for having a professional staff that is always fully present in the care that is provided. I thank you for going above and beyond traditional Physical Therapy and viewing a patient as people who are living and breathing, as opposed to the diagnosis, ailment or complaint they have. I have enjoyed the last month of feeling healthy and know it is just the beginning for me.”

Cindy, Corona Del Mar

“I cannot thank you and your staff enough for all that you have done for me to support my healing. I have been truly blessed to have you and your staff in my life and all your professional, extraordinary professional skills. You have given me wings to fly and if I feel the fear I’m going to do it anyway as you have inspired me to do through my journey at Focus On Health.”

Karen, San Clemente

“Imagine all that could be, AND all that will be thanks to You and your Staff. Back when we first met, I couldn’t imagine what could be because I had no basis with which to explore. Only now I’m I beginning to grasp the possibilities. Because of Focus On Health, I have a lot more to be thankful for in my life, particularly my health.”

Julie, Tustin

“A heart felt thank you for your help Kim. You have been there for me and so many times over the years I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your staff, and your consistent pursuit of your mission to help people with your awesome staff. Thanks so much Kim. I Won and they are going to pay for my surgery! You played a vital role in their decision and I can’t thank you enough. I will never forget the compassion you offered me through this ordeal. You gave me the strength to fight back for what was just and right.”

Love Sharon B., San Juan Capistrano

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all the help you have given me along with your wonderful staff. You have impacted my life in so many positive ways. Because of You, I’m on the road to recovery and for the first time in 20 years I’m feeling physically better than I have and more willing to love myself.”

Kathy, San Diego

“With Gratitude for all you and your staff have done for me. Since finishing physical therapy, I have felt great and have not had any bad days yet, which is miraculous considering where I started.”

Suzanne, Riverside

“Since completing Physical Therapy at Focus On Health my life has changed drastically. I have gone to school for 2 semesters and have been on the Dean’s List to finish up the Units necessary for the Counseling profession. I’m so excited because I an older student and succeeding. I even got a job in the field of my choice. Thank you for your successful treatment for my Carpal Tunnel and Fibromyalgia. As long as I stay consistent to the exercise program you have created for me and follow your, how to direction, I’m out of Pain. Thank You.”

Alice C., Corona

“I truly do not know where to start. I’m not sure Thank You is even enough. You and your staff have helped me and Gage so much these last 6 months. I don’t know where we would be without you. I know that God has sent You and your Staff into our lives to help Gage through his healing process. He could not have picked a better person and staff for that task. Everyday I thank Him for this opportunity. You truly are an amazing person. Please know you have a special place in both mine and Gage’s Heart.”

Gage’s Family, Anaheim

“Thank You So Much for your wonderful care. You are a healer in every sense of the word Kim.”

Doris, Pasadena

“You have given me exactly what I needed, Hope. Thank you so much for your treatment for my physical conditions and listening to me as I expressed myself and making me feel so comfortable during a rather painful experience. You and your staff made a world of difference.”

Julie, Newport Beach

“Thank You for all your care, concern and expert help this year. I’m doing so much better, and you and your staff were a huge part of my improvement. Thank You all for making a difference in my life.”

Heather, Costa Mesa

“Your loving dedication to your work is truly in inspiration. As the world changes, you and your staff stand true to your mission in helping patients heal. To have a clinic to attend that actually cares, and provides more integrative forms of care was certainly what I needed to heal from my physical problem.”

Dixie, Ladera Ranch

“Thank you for the great treatment you’ve given me. I’ve had many positive changes in my health in just a few short months. Thank You for using your God-Given talents to impact so many people’s lives.”

Linda M., Redlands

“I wanted to take an opportunity to Thank You all for the wonderful Therapists who have worked with me so diligently over these last 6 months to bring me to such a wonderful spot of little to no pain in my lower back and leg. I have learned so much from all of you and I’m so blessed to have found you. We take our mobility and health for granted but never will I again. Thank You for bringing me back to a wonderful State of physical peace.”

Renee M., Chino Hills

“I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Focus On Health for your continued professional support of my entire family. The physical and spiritual transformation I have experienced these past 3 years is significant thanks to all of you. Even Boyzee and Grover, your special clinic Therapy Dog, has a healing affect on me and my family. I’m especially grateful for Kim’s extraordinary care and treatment. Thank you all for your willingness to give whole-heartedly of yourselves every day. The community and world is a better place with you all in it along with the extraordinary care that you provide, particularly for complex conditions that I have had the opportunity to be treated for in your special clinic.”

Linda H., Cypress

“To all My Friends at Focus On Health…. Thank You and I really Love what you have done for me! What a journey we have been on together. You came into my life when I was needing compassion and empathy. My Body, Mind and Spirit have been renewed with your commitment to helping me Heal. May you all be blessed as I have been been blessed by You.”

Namaste! Sharon G., Costa Mesa

“I am a 34 year old lifelong surfer. I’ve also been a competitive surfer since age 12 and surfed at the professional level since age 18. I suffered a severe head and neck injury from a surfing accident. At my worst, I was legally blind due to the injury and in severe pain that I could barely stand up. I was given little hope of improving after my accident by other medical professionals until I came to Focus On Health. Kim Lawler-Coyle and her staff’s expert knowledge of CranioSacral Therapy, Neural Manipulation, Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, The Feldenkrais Method®, Lymph Drainage Therapy, and RedCord Therapy made my recovery a success. I’m now able to work, drive and surf again. Focus On Health put me back together and encouraged me along the way as I struggled forward to get better. I do not know where I would be today without these professionals who genuinely cared about me.”

Bjorn H., Costa Mesa

“I want to thank everyone at FOH for the fine Physical Therapy you provided for me. Your holistic and western methods not only helped me physically but mentally as well. You’ve given me confidence and a new outlook on how to proceed with my disorder. I want to especially thank Kim for taking her personal time to understand my disorder and to teach me how to cope, she’s truly a trooper. Great staff! Great Facility!”

Best to all, Robert P, Santa Ana

“To anyone suffering with chronic pain;
You are not alone, but there is help available! You may not have heard of myofascial release before, but it has been a truly helpful and lasting solution for me, with over 20 years of lumbar back pain, dance and skiing injuries and chronic nerve compression. The Focus on Health Physical Therapy Corporation offers such encouraging and kind support. The providers and practitioners spend an entire hour with you, unlike other physical therapy facilities where an aide teaches you exercises and you do them under their supervision., maybe you have 15 minutes of evaluation with a Licensed Physical Therapist. At Focus on Health, the certified therapist not only guides your program, but also treats your pain with a hands-on deep technique that moves and stretches the inner fibers which surround and connect muscles, tendons, organs and nerves. This opens trapped and scarred anatomy, improving movement and circulation, allowing muscles and fibers better alignment, giving muscles the freedom to build strength. With patience and ongoing treatment the pain begins to subside. I have been a patient for 5 months, visiting just once a week. I am ready to continue what I have been taught for the rest of my life. I no longer take powerful pain medication. My confidence has improved. I am willing to try new things, hike longer, and dance a little more. What you will find at Focus on Health is a family of compassionate individuals who care more about helping people than making a huge profit. Every minute of time spent there, you are being cared for, listened to and given solutions. I encourage you to seek out this treatment. It could change your life, like it has mine.”

Barbara M, Orange

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