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Why we Stand Out in Costa Mesa for Physical Therapy

Focus On Health is the long-time leader and experienced in Physical Therapy. We provide the most Integrative Specialized Physical Therapy Care for Costa Mesa Treating Difficult Cases with Excellent Results!

Looking for a Licensed Physical Therapist in Costa Mesa with a tone of experience?

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Patients come from every part of Orange County seeing as they love our Results and Integrative Care.

Moreover, clients from Riverside, Los Angeles and San Diego counties drive long distances to see us.  Why do patients come from other Counties?  As you might expect, because of the Great Results and the Unique Patient Care.

How long is Physical Therapy School?

Today, a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program is 3 years. On top of the 4 years spent completing an undergraduate degree, an additional 3 years at a DPT program is required. A total of 7 years of college education is required to become a Physical Therapist today.

We believe at Focus On Health, our Physical Therapists are a Step Above the Rest because of our Integrative Approach.  The amount of mentorship and education we provide for our staff post-graduation is unsurpassed.

What Does Integrative mean in Physical Therapy in Costa Mesa?

Integrative physical therapy is a groundbreaking approach, as compared to traditional physical therapy.  It focuses on working with the whole person.  It pays close attention to the connection between all parts of the body.

The Physical Therapist is attentive to the mind and soul of the person at the same time. Integrative Physical Therapy at Focus On Health uses many special methods.  Connecting the dots to help resolve a patients’ pain OR dysfunction is our goal. Patients affirm every day their love integrative physical therapy model.

The Unique Way Focus On Health Physical Therapists Get Results

Other clinics treat two to three patients an hour in Costa Mesa. On the other hand, we provide one-hour visits. Because of this, we get a better result as affirmed by our patients.

We use One-On-One treatment for all Physical Therapy services.  In comparison, other clinics use short treatment sessions with a variety of staff, most often in an open gym setting. That being the case, our patients prefer our individualized care and our private rooms.

Our patients have shared it’s common to pay more for services in other clinics. In addition, other clinics commonly bill more for their services to insurance carriers.

Above all, Focus On Health has kept our prices low.  As a matter of fact, patients have commented about the fairness of our fees for service.  Our patients recognize that they come first above all at Focus On Health.

Unmatched in our expert Physical Therapy skills, it is noteworthy, that empathy for our patients is an important staff talent.  Often, the profession overlooks empathy, but Focus On Health Physical Therapy values it.

We opened the clinic more than 30 years ago with many goals for our business.  Consequently, patient experience, great results and reasonable fees remain a top priority for us.

We continue to hone our integrative physical therapy skills. Due to a commitment to our patients, our rates have remained low, even though our expenses have gone up.

Focus On health is the leader in Physical Therapy in Costa Mesa.  We find our patients are unique, complex and require individualized care. Therefore, special treatment with expert knowledge and top-notch skills makes lasting changes.  In comparison, the other options are surgery, much less advanced care by others or unfortunately additive pain medications.

The Next Step to Getting Physical Therapy near Costa Mesa

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  • The Most Advanced Treatment Methods for Costa Mesa is moment’s away. Next, learn more about our innovative Treatments.
  • Are you in pain with no solutions?  You’ll see how much we can help. Finally, take some time and visit our Contact Us Page.

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Focus On Health is an established and special clinic providing patient treatment to Costa Mesa.  Focus On Health is the long-time leader and experienced in Physical Therapy. We provide the most Integrative Specialized Physical Therapy Care for Costa Mesa Treating Difficult Cases with Excellent Results!

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