REDCORD THERAPY in Orange County

What is Redcord Therapy In Orange County?

Redcord Therapy in Orange County is like flipping a switch to muscles that are off due to injury and pain. Using Redcord, your Physical Therapist uses specific stabilization exercises with precise muscle control. There are slings and bungee cords to assist you with each movement. Similarly, like floating in water, this creates a weightless environment.

Redcord Treatment at Focus On Health in Newport Beach in Orange County

You can optimize the mind-muscle connection, regardless of your age and strength level. You can:

  • Gain core control
  • Build power and muscle stability
  • Restore pain-free joint motion
  • Enhance neuromuscular performance

Focus On Health is one of the first clinics to use Redcord Therapy in our Treatment Methods in Orange County. What’s special is our clinicians don’t rely on one method of care to impart patient healing.  Some patients are not able to do long sessions of Redcord Therapy. They have to start with the first step in the progression, with ‘Bungee Support’.  If all you can do is 10 to 15 minutes, that’s awesome. We can immediately shift treatment methods to one of our other hands-on methods.

In other words, we have a solution for everyone so that you are not in pain.

Want more Details on Redcord Therapy in Orange County?

Suspension exercise is among the fastest growing treatment methods in physical therapy today. Using your own body-weight as resistance, Redcord Therapy offers hundreds of guided exercises. Redcord Therapy demands total body awareness and recruitment of stabilizing muscles. Hence, it  helps you build a strong core. This is your foundation for a stable body, which you can achieve in less time than other methods. It takes suspension exercise to the next level.

Patients wonder, “Is there a way that will help reduce pain and still allow strengthening?” What’s great about Redcord Therapy, it employs a “bungee support” system. It off-loads your bodyweight with slings and elastic bungee cords. This makes strengthening possible even for the most de-conditioned patient.

Redcord Therapy is a comprehensive collection of suspension exercises, education and protocols. Physical Therapists use the Redcord Therapy with specialized clinical equipment. Researches proved the concepts and results with over fifty published scientific articles.

Redcord Therapy helps muscle stability through exercises. It requires a high neuromuscular effort, but without a high load. You’ll learn better neuromuscular control during an exercise before introducing higher loads. Redcord Therapy reverses this cycle and helps reactivate your neuromuscular system.

Patients that can Benefit from Redcord Therapy in Orange County

It’s great for an athlete looking to get higher performance. It’s great for anyone desiring to regain their loss of function and prefer not to be in a swimming pool.

Redcord Therapy in Orange County is a completely pain-free treatment solution. Redcord Therapies “weightless” environment enables you to start exercising earlier. It’s like the effect and relief of pain that occurs in a swimming pool.

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