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Myofascial Release in Orange County - Focus On Health Physical Therapy

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Myofascial Release in Orange County

Importance of Myofascial Release in Orange County

Referring Professionals recommend Myofascial Release at Focus On Health in Orange County. It’s a gentle and safe whole-body treatment performed by physical therapists. We avoid confusing Myofascial Release with deep tissue massage as they are not the same.

Patient with a Condition requiring treatment with Myofascial Release

We use Myofascial Release in Newport Beach to lengthen connective tissue called Fascia. Fascia is continuous from head to toe. It covers every bone, muscle, organ, nerve, artery, and vein in your body. Fascia is a three-dimensional web-like structure. In other words, it surrounds and connects every part of your body down to the cellular level.

Fascia connects every cell to all other cells throughout your body. So an injury in one part of your body can create symptoms in a completely different area. Often, the result is symptoms such as pain, swelling, stiffness, and reduced range of motion of the body. Long after, patients may have burning, tingling, numbness, pulling, cramping, poor posture, and difficulty breathing. The cause of these symptoms can be Myofascial Restrictions.

More about Myofascial Release at Focus On Health in Orange County

Myofascial tissue has very high water content. The water allows it and the surrounding tissue to move with ease. When we experience trauma, such as a fall, surgery, or another insult to the body; the water content reduces. Then the fascia becomes tight and restricted. This results in increased tension and load on other systems in the body, such as the muscles and nerves. This causes pain in areas of the body that may be far away from the original site of injury.

Firstly, we apply gentle sustained pressure to the myofascial restriction using Myofascial Release. We refined our own method for Myofascial Release in Newport Beach. This releases the tissue, improves its water content, restores mobility, and eliminates pain. This hands-on physical therapy treatment method releases the restrictions in your fascial system. It can relieve many chronic symptoms associated with many conditions.

A problem in the back can pull on all the connected fascia and cause symptoms in distant areas. We have observed that the vertical orientation of fascia throughout the body is most common. Yet, we also know there are four major horizontal planes that are very dense. These are the pelvic diaphragm, respiratory diaphragm, thoracic inlet, and cranial base. Sometimes all four planes can become affected over time.

Restrictions can intertwine themselves throughout the body, torquing and twisting outwards. Myofascial Release is an important method of treatment to unwind all these restrictions. All Physical Therapists should be proficient with Myofascial Release. Therapists at Focus On Health are proficient and Experts with Myofascial Release.

What is the Sweater Effect in Myofascial Release

The “Sweater Effect” illustrates how important your fascial system is. Any pulling in one place can create drag in distant areas. Try pulling on your sweater at the bottom. You should feel it “dragging” and tightening up around your neck and shoulders. That’s what your facial system is doing when in dysfunction. Myofascial Release resolves soft tissue pain and muscle pain and increases movement.

Who’s Important to Teaching Myofascial Release

John Barnes, PT has been a leader in the teaching of Myofascial Release since the 1980s. Focus On Health started training our staff at that time. We were part of the first group of professionals. We recognized the value of Myofascial Release for our patients and have used it ever since.

The Next Step to getting Myofascial Release in Orange County

Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT and Focus On Health have years of experience with Myofascial Release. We recommend Myofascial Release treatment to all our patients in Orange County. It is a crucial part of relieving pain and getting a Great Result at Focus On Health in Newport Beach.

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