Integrative Physical Therapy Specialists

Helped 1000’s of Patients to Heal over Decades

“Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT started training in the United States. I first developed Visceral Manipulation the 1980’s. I have taught through IAHE and the Upledger Institute. We have all come a long way since those days. Kim has been passionate about all types of Manual Therapy. With passion it has driven her to learn as much as possible over nearly 40 years of being a Physical Therapist. I and all my colleagues have a lot of respect and appreciation for Kim’s skills and knowledge. Kim and her Staff have Helped 1000’s of patients to heal over the Years. She brings so much to our courses with all her years’ experience. She is particularly helpful to all our students so they can learn as much as possible. She is a wonderful person and my friend. She is a well-respected Doctor of Physical Therapy. I would not hesitate to seek her help along with her staff at Focus On Health.”

Jean-Pierre Barral, DO – Developer of Visceral Manipulation

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