Integrative Physical Therapy Specialists

Big Difference in Quality of Life

I have known Kim Lawler-Coyle, PT, DPT for Decades. I’m the CEO of the Upledger Institute and have had the opportunity to get to know Kim along our long journey. Kim has achieved the highest level of treatment skill in all treatment methods used. She always has great input for the Upledger Institute and IAHE. She is generous with her time and is a wonderful mentor for many of the students who have gone through our classes.  Kim is one of those professionals you cannot forget. She is kind, intelligent and desires the best for the students she teaches and the clients she treats. She desires the best for her staff of Clinicians. She has ensured that they have received many of our courses offered through the IAHE. She continues to Mentor them all daily.  Kim was kind to take the time to treat my father in the later stages of his life, when she visited Palm Beach, Florida. I can tell you, my father sure knew that she had a Gift and so do I.  So if you’re wondering if Kim and her Team can help You, don’t hesitate to call. She and her staff will make a Big Difference in the quality of your Life!

John Matthew Upledger, CEO Upledger Institute

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