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“Focus On Health provides generously LONG treatment times each visit (longer than most all other clinics) to allow for a patient to heal. YOU can heal if given the time you deserve, coupled with the application of specialized and integrated physical therapy treatment. No doubt, Focus On Health gets GREAT RESULTS!”

"Kim is a therapist of great integrity, professionalism, and is highly skilled in the Myofascial Release Approach. Her proprioceptive awareness and her hands-on ability clearly make her one of the elite Myofascial Release Therapists in the United States."

Myofascial Release Treatment Centers and Seminars


"Your understanding of how physical disorders affect the dental patient is only exceeded by your ability to manage them. You have been a great help to our patients."

, DDS Chula Vista


"My patient has made remarkable progress with physical therapy and I feel due to the fact that this type of technique is not commonly done by most physical therapists and not available with this expertise at any of other therapy site (in the area)."

Orthopedic Surgery
Disorders & Surgery of the Spine


patient testimonials

"Four years ago my world suddenly spun out of orbit. I was 15 pounds underweight, unable to eat, function or cope. I spent most of my time in bed, exhausted, depressed, in a daze and very fearful, crying and screaming in pain and hoping I’d fall asleep and never wake up. The burning pain in my face, head and mouth was excruciating, and my entire body felt twisted, and tight, tight, tight, like being bound through and through by a hundred bungee cords, pulling my body in different directions. After suffering like this for a year and a half, I finally found my way to the team at Focus On Health. Everything began to change for the better. Hope was reborn.

This patient and gifted team has saved me from perishing in the valley of despair, and have given me tools for helping myself. I am now a joyful woman, functioning well as I continue my healing process. My help has come exclusively from the Focus On Health professionals, and I have been able to add to their success through the self-help strategies I have gleaned on my own.

Focus On Health has touched me with compassion, inspiration, healing, and enlightenment. Now at 53, I am able to embark on pursuing my dream to become a therapist myself so that I might help others too. Who would have thought? I could have never come this far without my friends at Focus On Health standing beside me, and behind me nudging me gently forward to my goals.

The ground I’ve gained is remarkable, but it has not 'just happened' overnight. True healing is a very slow process, and it begins inside. It takes willingness to learn and change, tenacity, trust, patience—and time, especially when you have a complex condition like mine. In retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing. The journey has been extremely painful, yes, but also one of my life’s most rewarding growth experiences, thanks to my friends at Focus On Health. My struggle has not been in vain: ‘There is nothing the body suffers that the soul may not profit by.’ I know this is true.

If someone you know is in dysfunction or pain —maybe it’s you—and are about to give up, please don’t. There is hope and real help. And help is spelled ‘Focus On Health’."

, Laguna Niguel


"The people at Focus On Health are what makes the difference. They have all of the elements that are missing from most healthcare practices today. They don’t treat you like a number or just a bill. You’re treated like a human being that needs attentive, thorough and compassionate care . I’d give them my highest recommendation.”

, Irvine


"I would like to thank each one of you at Focus On Health for helping me through the ordeal which I experienced these past few months. Your group here is a special one. Your help and consideration were genuine and I felt them truly. Thank you for all the differences you made in my life and God bless."


"They take the time to properly assess your problem and work with you to develop the best plan to help you recover quickly and safely.

, Corona Del Mar



"The staff at Focus On Health have been so helpful. They are compassionate, extremely skilled and are the only ones who have truly understood my health challenges. Their integrative approach has made all the difference."

, Costa Mesa


"After 2.5 years of dealing with medical ‘experts’ who address and identify my daughter as a collection of symptoms, we have found renewed hope working with the staff at Focus On Health. My daughter is recognized and treated as a whole, complex person."

, Mission Viejo


"I came to Focus On Health with very little hope and a timeline in place for a 'legal suicide'. My pain level was so high in my surgical site that it was all I could see or feel and it controlled my life. The staff at Focus On Health looked beyond my post-op issues and took on my 34 years of degenerative rheumatoid arthritis as well as all my other health issues.

Subsequently my timeline came around in three months (on my birthday) and I celebrated that day instead of dying from chronic pain and disability. I now sleep at night, eat several meals a day, have regained my hearing, balance and began small tasks again, including gardening. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Focus On Health."


"The treatment and emotional support that Focus On Health provides is like nothing else I have experienced. Each person that I work with is an exceptionally knowledgeable, caring individual with the ability to motivate and provide results. When I began at Focus On Health, I relied on heavy pain medication. Now I’m off all my pain medications and each week I feel better and stronger. I sincerely can’t say enough about Focus On Health and recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy."

, Huntington Beach


"This is the only treatment center that has helped me to function at home and work. The treatment is so gentle compared to other physical therapy practices. Your personnel are wonderful and caring."



"Focus On Health has been a wonderful alternative to taking more and more medication, and having a life more full of pain. When I walked into Focus On Health I could hardly walk, my days in bed and incapacitated were regular. Today, my days are full, my chronic pain is low to nothing. They help me through ‘flare ups’ and their tenderness and caring is very obvious."


"I found all the staff to be warm, open-hearted people who lift one’s spirits with hope and kindness. The gentle and skilled hands of the therapists were successful in helping me eliminate or reduce my suffering drastically in all my symptom areas. Now I look forward to leading a pain-free life and one filled with dreams for a promising future.”


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